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Yael Cohen, Chef

Growing up with french backgrounds, I have always been attracted to the kitchen, as long as I can remember.

I started cooking professionally 8 years ago, at Jajo Wine bar in Tel- Aviv. ever since- I never stopped. I was cooking at the most high ranked restaurants in the country- YA PAN, IGRA RAMA and many more.

throughout my career, I sought perfection in my true ever- growing passion- Fish. I have staged with the best chefs to master the art of understanding this incredible world, and found myself in love. Everywhere I went, I learned something new about it, and about myself. my cooking is ingredient focused, Japanese inspired. throughout the years I’ve learned that if one has good technique- it allows the best ingredients to speak for themselves.

For the Last 5 years, Ive been studying mind-body- spirit Therapy and Astrology. Food for me is another form of therapy- its a place to express things words just can’t, and can be an inspiration for others to open their hearts. when the food is good, the body relaxes and the soul is ready to give and accept love.




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