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Rhona Cartner, Office Manager

It will be very difficult for you to walk with me on the street. 

I am hyperactive and my attention is distracted from every little thing.
I will disappear in the middle of the conversation because I went to pet a cat, or because I went to examine a building I thought was interesting. I will probably take a lot of photos, on my cellphone’s camera or on my analog camera. I have been photographing for years now and I really enjoy it.
In general, I really like art, design and architecture- I have a Bachelor’s degree in interior design, and although I have decided not to engage in this profession at the moment, I continue to read and study independently subjects in the field that interest me. During my military service, and especially during my work in the hospitality world, I had the opportunity to experience various management positions, when I discovered I really enjoy and am naturally intrigued by, since they require order and organization skills (which I greatly appreciate), the ability to conducted with a wide variety of people, and that it allows me to explore and deepen my knowledge in a variety of computer softwares in different fields, something that I am always eager to learn and also pick up quickly. I came across the hospitality world by accident, over ten years ago, and discovered something in it that is very suitable for me. I continue to explore this world and understand which sides of it are right for me in every period of my life, from where I draw the most energy and get the most tools. I continue to learn and develop in this world and find the points that suit me exactly, and am happy about this never-ending process.

In my spare time you can find me reading a book, hiking somewhere in nature, or doing something that completely gets my clothes and hands dirty.

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