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Omer Shacham, Chef

I began my culinary journey in “Mona” restaurant, where I first got familiar with modern French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Iater moved to Berlin and began working at the award-winning Spanish restaurant “Cinco by Paco Perez”. During my stay, I teached “Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine” course at a cooking school, hosted private dinners in many locations across town and worked at the infamous, vegetarian, Michelin starred “Cookies Cream”.


After 3 years, I returned to Tel Aviv, where I cooked in “Jaffa Tel Aviv”, “Hahalutzim 3”, and as the head chef of “Bar 51”. Today, Im a full time ILU Bird.

the most important thing for me is that first of all, before any shiny tools and technology chefs tend to use- food has to be yummy. for that to happen, I use the best local ingredients, and cook fresh and delicious food using methods and techniques from the various kitchens I passed through along the way.

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