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Ofer Sasson, Chef

When I think about food, I have this drive.
An inner drive fueled by a craving for a certain dish or a really good bite.
This crave might be awakened by a memory, by imagination, by a certain smell
or a bite that inspires me to think.
Whatever starting point the sudden crave had,
it manifested with a drooling desire and unstoppable passion.

Alongside the passionate crave, comes the thought process –
the products, their spectrum, their taste and texture.

The strong emotional connection I have to all things that are crazy tasty,
is what shapes the way I think about food.
This is what drew me to cook and become a chef,
work in some of the top restaurants in Israel and worldwide,
and continues to develop my craves and how to feed them (pun intended!).

This is how I build a menu, and how I listen to music.
This is how I choose where to eat and how I do Yoga.
This is how I prepare a meal for me and Ruti.
This is why I cook.



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