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Adam Szold, Co-owner and Chef

I’m Adam.

I wasn’t supposed to be a cook, though I’ve been cooking all my life. Everyone in my family cooked, and my sister had a small catering business I worked in as a child. Even during my army service I’ve been working in a restaurant during the weekends.I studied psychology and philosophy, wanted to be a therapist.

During my studies I fell in love with someone which brought me to Eyal Shani’s HaSalon- and in one night, without knowing it, my life changed: We sat on the kitchen bar- in front of us, cooking passionately, were a group on chefs I couldn’t stop staring at- one of them was Yuval. After the night ended, I went over to the chefs asked them to come and watch them during food preparation, I guess I was very persistent, and somehow they said yes. Since then, every time they were cooking, I was there. As I said, persistent. At first, I wouldn’t touch anything, but slowly I became a part of the team. As time passed, I realized- This is what I love, this is what I want to do. When “Beit Romano” opened, I became the head- chef. Later on, I went back to HaSalon as a chef, and then as the Excecutive chef of the group (HaSalon, north abraxes, MIZNON, Teder pizza etc.)

I love traveling and learning new things and I’m a serious cookbook geek. I staged in restaurants I admired- Relae and Geranium- both Michelin starred in Copenhagen, with very different ways of looking at the world of hospitality, food and agriculture. 

To me, ILU is our way of saying things need to be done differently, and every challenge can be overcomed- there is a way of cooking food, giving excellent service, thinking of wine and drinks, cooperate with craftsman, being close to the land and people around. There is a way of living as a true hospitality professional and have a real effect on the world and people around us. ILU is a new way of thinking. I Love what I do, what we do. I Love ILU.

We are changing the world, our world. step-by-step.

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