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We rejoice in watching time and matter dissolve into one another, blend. We love carrying the liberty of letting go, allowing places and spaces do their own thing, sweat. We enjoy small sips and meaningful conversations – but right before we let it all happen, there’s always hesitation: can we really afford our fantasies to become real?

This evening was supposed to stay supposed to remain a fantasy, but we’ve decided to let go – so on October’s first Saturday, we’ll meet together in a delicate & dark space: the walls will be covered with oil paintings. Long and clothed tables, lots of flowers, lots of candles. We’ll eat earthy & watery food. We’ll drink whatever tastes the same

Itay Eyal and Yuval Leshem will cook a little bit before you’ll arrive, perhaps a little longer. Elad Shoam will choose the right wine and the rest of will serve and pour and chat

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